Labor safety


In the construction and development of our company, KIMSEN has always considered human is one of the most important factor - it is the foundation for the sustainable development of the company. We always strive to give every employee hygienic working environment, do not contain harmful chemicals. Moreover, we use modern equipment and machinery to ensure safety for workers.




Our staffs


+ Engineers and workers working in factory are equipped with appropriate clothing and equipment labor protection that comply strictly with all safety regulations.
 + Workplace always fully equipped first aid supplies such as drugs, bandages, stretchers, respirators, ambulances, etc.
+ We has an emergency team and we hold regular practise in order to prevent bad situations can happen.


Periodical health check


Human resource is the most crucial factor in creating stainable development of each enterprise. Through years of operation, KIMSEN's Board of Directors has launched many policies expressed truly concerns to physical and spiritual of employees’ life in the company. Routine periodical health check for all employees is one of many policies. Periodical health check does not only helps employees understand the health situation of themselves to take measures for prevention and treatment, but also help leaders assessing the correlation between health and job requirements to make reasonable adjustment policies, ensuring benefits for both workers and business.