Corporate Culture

On the path of development, KIMSEN has always focused on the formulation and development of identity, corporate culture, to create consistency across all operations of the company. Recognizing the importance of corporate culture for the development of the company, KIMSEN has always tried its best to create the atmosphere of professional work, friendly, with clear principles in all activities , communication and entertainment. With the goal of building a collective rich cultural traditions, strong entrepreneurial spirit, together cohesion, preserve and promote the traditional values ​​are sustainable over time.
1. KIMSEN Culture expressed in the strategic vision and operational objectives
From the inception, KIMSEN has set specific targets as the basis for their activities. Thereby, the construction company gradually grow and meet the increasing demands of customers, create competitiveness and sustained growth in all aspects. These objectives are:
• Efficiency - Profits
• Keeping the word "Faith" with customers
• Specialization Technology and Services
• Growth
• Since humans KIMSEN
• Management by objectives
• Rounding civic duty
Understanding of these aspiring members in the company, KIMSEN determination to strive to create a favorable environment for its members to fulfill conditions for developing talent, ensuring life and contribute to social development.

2. KIMSEN Culture expressed in a professional working style, dynamism and creativity of each member
In order to build a new type of work style, based on the core of human relationships with humans, humans with the organization, KIMSEN always attaches importance to training staff not only professional but also master professional style expressed in all aspects of work. Also KIMSEN also encourages members to be able to express your creativity and contribution is the thought of all the work themselves in order to promote the collective capacity of the individual - as a foundation for growth collective development.

3. KIMSEN Culture expressed in collective actions
Outside of work, the company also organizes collective actions celebrate the anniversaries, holidays, and create conditions for all participants. This is an opportunity for members to stick together, understand each other better, as the rope tightened colleagues to work closely together in work and in life.