Precision machining

With the purpose of providing customers with high precision mechanical details and finished products, KIMSEN was equipped with modern machining system allows the production of parts with high accuracy that meet the diverse requirements of customers. Precision Machining Services include: milling, cutting, drilling, punching. Modern machineries are imported from the leading equipment suppliers in the field, in order to ensure the high accuracy of the product.


KIMSEN's team of professionals, well-trained & skilled engineers, technicians and workers

With a modern system of equipment and machinery, along with a team of experienced engineers and designers, KIMSEN is confident of being a professional supplier in the mechanical supporting industry. Our products can be used in different industries: electronics, automobile, textile equipment, etc.

KIMSEN pledges to bring the best services for the diverse requirements of our customers. For more information about our maintenance service pack, please contact us via Hotline +84-243 795 7410 or email