After over 5 years of construction and development, KIMSEN has completed the building of infrastructure, production lines and control system on an area of 35,000m2. All workshops are equipped with modern synchronously imported machinery and equipment for production and supply of high-quality aluminum profiles, which meet the highest standards set by customers.

1. Extrusion workshop

Currently, KIMSEN is operating 3 modern Japanese technology aluminum extrusion lines with wattage of 920 UST, 1100 UST & 1,880UST imported synchronously, which are able to produce approximately 1.000 tons/month. 

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Extrusion workshop overview

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Modern extrusion machine

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Hot log shear

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Runout table

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Aging furnace


2. Anodizing workshop

With the aspiration of leading the industrial manufacturing field, KIMSEN has installed modern anode coating lines imported synchronously with the capacity of around 400 tons/month. Our anode products includes two product lines: Hole-covering product line and ED coating line with various colors (white, yellow, grey, brown, black, etc.) are gradually gaining reputation.

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Surface treatment process

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Chemical tanks

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3. Powder coating workshop

KIMSEN was equipped with the automatic electrostatic spray coating system, which produces the highest quality products. The system consists of two independent horizontal paint lines operating with a total capacity of 450 tons/month (equivalent to 250,000 square meters/month). Modern painting technology from Germany helps colors last longer, less affected by environmental factors and varied in colors.

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Powder coating lines

Two independent horizontal paint lines

4. Precision machining workshop

With the purpose of providing customers with high precision mechanical details and finished products, KIMSEN was equipped with modern machining system allows the production of parts with high accuracy that meet the diverse requirements of customers. Precision Machining Services include: milling, cutting, drilling, punching. Modern machineries are imported from the leading equipment suppliers in the field, in order to ensure the high accuracy of the product.

Factory Address: Yen Phong Industrial Park, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.